The story of “CHOFF”

Greetings, my name is Christian Hoffer but they often call me CHOFF.

The name was given to me by some college friends…I’m sure you can figure out the correlation.

I’m currently a full time radio, podcast, and event host, DJ, fun advocate, skateboarder, and an all around believer in the power of passion within individuals.

My real life journey began right around the year 2000 (nothing much noteworthy happens before the age of 5.) A few long nights of sitting in my parents’ basement playing with Legos led to a quick discovery of Detroit radio. It was there the first seed was planted. The seed was my passion for music and the way ones’ words had the ability to travel through airwaves- impacting individuals miles away from where they were. This passion would soon begin to blossom as I passed through life.

After various failed attempts at learning instruments, I spent the greater part of middle and high school learning the ins and outs of vocal music. That passion later transitioned into a fascination for hip-hop and electronic music and quickly became the focal point of my career. In college, I spent nearly every single weekend performing at whatever the “poppin’” place of the night happened to be. My dedication to the craft soon would lead me to perform on stages with legendary acts such as T.I., Zeds Dead, Lupe Fiasco, Bone Thugz & Harmony, Illenium, Lil Jon, Herobust, and countless others.

As I have continued to grow, my love for music and communication with others has manifested into my full time career. My passion has manifested into a raw desire to help others thrive and create a more fun-loving existence.