Let’s make it happen!

I could pretend to be someone I’m not by writing this in 3rd person, but let’s just keep things simple. My name is Christian but they like to call me “CHOFF.” I like doing a lot of things.

It all started at the young age of 4 years old. My passion has always been music and creation. At the time that passion was carried out by constructing Legos. I would spend hours each day listening to Channel 955 in my basement building city after city on my massive lego spread. These moments helped me to become aware of the path that I was headed down.

This passion for creation and music soon began to morph into a love for performing arts as I moved through middle and high school. With 8 years of choir under my belt, and numerous failed attempts to learn competency in guitar, trumpet, and piano… I quickly grew fond of the “cut & paste” nature that is required of a 21st century DJ.

After spending the better half of a decade DJing in clubs, opening for national acts such as Lupe Fiasco, Zeds Dead, Big KRIT, Herobust, Boombox Cartel, The Cool Kids, to hosting college parties, formal events, and nearly any opportunity I could get my hand on; I found radio.

Today I serve as a live show/radio DJ, master of ceremonies for large events and concerts, podcast host, philanthropist, and an advocate for the local West Michigan up-and-coming music community.



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